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Everyone has a photo in which some of the people can not be identified. In this new section we ask our visitors to help us identify some of those "unknown persons". Take a look. You might just have the name or perhaps a clue that will allow us to identify that person. 

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They were married on September 27, 1885, at the home of Franklin P. Hetrick at Ohl in Jefferson County, PA.  At the same time, two other couples were married in a triple wedding ceremony.  The other persons were Parker Chittester who married Ida Alice Hetrick, daughter of Franklin P. Hetrick, and Albert Franklin Reitz, who married Mary Elizabeth Plyler.  The minister who married all three couples was Rev. L. H. Hetrick. This marriage date is confirmed in "The Brookville Democrat" newspaper, dated October 7, 1885.

Front Row, left to right, all seated:
Lydia Plyler (Mrs. Donald Droney);  Salena Geist Reitz (wife of Emanuel);  Emanuel "Reddie" Reitz bro of Elizabeth Ellen);   Emma Reitz (sister of Elizabeth Ellen);   possibly Reitz brother of Elizabeth Ellen;   Elizabeth Ellen Reitz Plyler;  Franklin James Plyler;  possible half  sister  Rebecca Plyler Anderson;  Bertha Plyler (Sister of Franklin);  Unnamed woman;  Emma Plyler (wife of Harry Hetrick);  Charles Plyler (brother of Franklin J Plyler);  Blanch Plyler (Sister of Franklin),  Irvin or Wililam Plyler ?

Second Row, all standing:
First two are unknown; Evelyn Swarts (Mrs. Paul Moore); next woman and three men unknown;  Sarah Reitz (sister to Elizabeth Ellen);  Rebecca Reitz (Sister of Elizabeth Ellen);  Robert Lee Witherow holding daughter Martha Rebecca Witherow Kuras; Martha Swarts Witherow (dau of Franklin and Leta Louse Swarts)  holding son Robert Eugene Witherow (husband of Donna Raybuck); unknown Prob lady of Jefferson Co Cousins photo 2nd  from left back row); Leta Louise Plyler(daughter of Franklin and Elizabeth) (Mrs. Franklin Swarts); Esther Plyler (daughter of Franklin and Elizabeth)(Mrs. Lawrence Krause);  Unknown woman Possibly Hetrick;  Harry Hetrick (spouse of Emma Plyler); Grace Davis Hetrick (wife of Charles Hetrick);  Margaret Fry Plyler (wife of Charles Plyler),  Charles Hetrick (son of Emma and Harry);  Unknown woman;   Dorothy Plyler (Mrs Edward J. "Bounce" Tahany); unknown;  Merle Swarts (son of Franklin and Leta Louise Swarts); unknown man;  Merle Swarts (son of Franklin and Leta Louise Swarts);   Unknow man;  Franklin Barber Swarts (husband of Leta Plyler), unknown man.
Young boy behind Charles Plyler  Harry Hetrick who is the son of Charles and Grace Davis Hetrick.  The other younger boy is possibly children of couple to his immediate left -who may be the children of persons seated in front of them. Possibly Irvin's children.

Back Row, left to right:
Mildred Swarts;  Possibly Chittester sisters;  Unknown woman;  Harold Swarts (son of Frankin and Leta Plyler Swarts); unknown woman;   Ruth Swarts Sholes (Mrs. Leroy K. Sholes).

The above information and picture are from Connie Sholes Oberholser.  If you can identify any other persons in this picture or for other information, contact her at 

Sholes Swarts, Oberholser and Wenger Family Tree, and for references and a few more photos to aid in identification, and if you wish, please contact Connie at 


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