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John Henry Carr was born in Rose Township, Jefferson County, PA, on February 17, 1861.  He was the son of John and Elizabeth Carr of that township.  When he was a young man, he learned the construction trade and became known as for his abilities in this profession.  On December 21, 1882, he married Emma L. Carr, in a ceremony performed by Rev. G. A. Robinson at Brookville, PA.  Emma was one of the children of Henry and Isabel (Davis) Johns.  She was born in Stanton on October 28, 1862.  Mr. and Mrs. Carr resided in Brookville their entire married life.  They were the parents of six children: Jennie, wife of Frank Diener, Charles, Edward, John F., Wade, and Mae, wife of Fred Songer.   On the day of his death, he was overseeing the construction of a school building in Mars, Butler County, PA, for his son, John F. Carr, then attended a church supper with his son.  On returning to the house where he was to sleep that night, he had a sudden heart attack and died in a few minutes.  He died on October 13, 1937, and was buried in the Brookville Cemetery.  His wife Emma died on January 15, 1939, following a stroke that had occurred the previous week, and was buried beside her husband in the family plot. 

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