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Wilbert Newton Humphrey

Mr. Humphrey was born near Corsica on April 21, 1850. He was a son of James Humphrey who brought his family to Port Barnett when W. N. was 6 months old.  Two other children of the family were J. M . Humphrey who lives in Port Barnett and Eva A. Barber, of Cambridge, Idaho.

Wilber Newton Humphrey operated a gristmill, then entered the lumbering industry.  Later he opened a brick and tile making company, and a glass manufacturing business with his brother, J. M. and his son, Lee B. Humphrey.  These businesses were located on the land where the first settlement of Jefferson County was begun. 

In I875, he married Katherine Bullers, daughter of John Bullers of Warsaw Township, and they were the parents of 2 children.  Lee B., became the manager of the Humphrey businesses, and the second Marie, died in 1919.

Wilbert Newton Humphrey died February 5, 1920, at his home in Brookville.  His wife, Katherine Bullers Humphrey, died May 14, 1917.  They are buried together in the Brookville Cemetery, Brookville, PA.


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