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Phineas W. Jenks

He was the son of Dr. John W. Jenks, who began the homestead in Jefferson County, in the spring of 1819. His son, Phineas, was born the 2nd of September of that same year.

Phineas W. Jenks, began his adult years as a store clerk, then became a tanner, next a lumberman, and finally at the age of 32 years, he was admitted to the bar as a lawyer, practicing law over a four county area.

In 1842, he married Mary A. Gray, daughter of James Gray, of Westmorland County.   She died in 1854.  To this marriage were born 5 children, only one son surviving her.  In 1855, Phineas married Mary E. Henneigh, daughter of Daniel Henneigh.  This marriage produced 4 children.

Their tombstone is located in Circle Hill Cemetery, Punxsutawney, PA.

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