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Albert & Edna (McNeil) Baur, Jr.


Mr. Albert Baur was a native of Brookville, having have been born here on December 26, 1885.  He was the son of Albert and Susan (Kretz) Baur, who owned and operated the Longview Hotel and later had a grocery store in Brookville.  Having learned the hotel business from his father, Albert was employed by the Bellvue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia for several years.  He returned to Brookville and represented Metropolitan Insurance, standing at the head of the list of salesmen for that company.  About 1922, he assumed management of the American Hotel in Brookville, holding that position until about 1933.  At the return of legalized beer sale, he secured a license as a wholesale distributor in Brookville, and continued that business until his death.

Albert was married to Edna McNeil, of Brookville, who was born April 1, 1884. She was a local schoolteacher, and had made plans to take the train on the 3rd of February in 1917, going to  Summerville with a group of other teachers, but she never came to the train station.  The other teachers assumed she had missed the train, but instead she had eloped with Albert Baur.  She and Albert were married in Ridgway that same afternoon, February 3rd of 1917.  The Baurs had no children. Albert Baur died in Pittsburgh while on a business trip. He was having his evening meal at a restaurant, and collapsed, the result of a stroke.  A medical student, who was in the restaurant, noted his illness, and he was taken to Allegheny Hospital where he died later that evening.  Mr. Baur died February 16, 1939, and was buried in the new Brookville Cemetery in the lot with his parents.  His wife, Edna, survived him and died on March 16, 1945, and was buried in the same plot. 

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