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Frank X. & Elizabeth Kreitler

Kreitler_Frank_1Judge Frank X. Kreitler, was born on December 4, 1842, in Baden, Germany, the son of Barnhard and Mary Kreitler, and came to this country when he was just 17 years of age.  He first settled in New Rochelle, N. Y, obtaining an apprenticeship in a barbershop to learn the trade.  Thru the influence of Capt. R. R. Means, he came to Jefferson County, PA, and in 1863, he opened his own barbershop in Brookville. In 1864, he enlisted in the army, as a member of Company B, 211th Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served with that unit until the end of the Civil War.  Kreitler_Frank_2

After the war, he returned to Brookville, and reopened his barbershop, which he operated until 1887.  About 1868, he became interested in the timber business and was in business with E. H. Darrah, both of them later being associated with T. D. Collins, one of the most extensive lumber operations in Forest County, PA.  He closed his barbershop here and relocated to Nebraska, in Forest County, PA, and was then in the lumbering business on a full time basis.  He was one of the first contributors to the construction of the stone building of the M. C. Church at the corner of Pickering and Jefferson Street, having purchased the lot of land for them for the sum of $10,000, and contributing another $10,000 toward it's construction

In 1869, he married Eliza Knierieman, of New Rochelle, NY.  She was born in 1848, and died November 7, 1903, in Middleton, New York state, where she had been a resident in an institution for 30 years after the loss of their children. Mrs. Kreitler was buried in the Brookville Cemetery beside their two infant children.  One child was Eddie C. Kreitler, who died on July 7, 1871, at the age of 1 year, 4 months and 17 days.  The name of the other child is not known. 


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