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Ghordis Corwin & Margaret  (Gregg) Sartwell

Ghordis Corwin Sartwell was a descendant of Richard Sawtelle who emigrated to America and lived in Watertown, Massachusetts.   The family name has undergone a number of spelling changes since they settled in New England. 

Ghordis Corwin was born in Pine Creek Township, Jefferson County, PA, on the 27th of July, 1846, the son of Almon and Anna S. (Young) Sartwell.  They made their home near Richardsville before the start of the Civil War.  Ghordis Corwin was married to Margaret Gregg on the 13th of March 1869.  Their family of eleven children, were raised on the family farm established by Almon.  The children were George R., Willis, Eliza Jane, Annie, Walter Solomon, Joseph, Elizabeth, Myrna, John Day, Stephen Wells, and Joseph Almond.

Mr. Sartwell died at his home on the 4th of February 1914, and was buried in the family plot at the Baptist Cemetery in Richardsville, PA. 


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