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William Norman Conrad

Attorney William Norman Conrad was born in Brookville, PA, the son of John and Mary J. (Compton) Conrad.   His father was a lawyer and member of the Jefferson County Bar, and also held the distinction of having been the first District Attorney in Forest County, PA. 

On July 6, 1891, William Norman Conrad married Martha V. Rhed , the daughter of B. F. and Caroline (Graybill) Rhed of Brockway, PA.  They became the parents of one son, John W. Conrad, also an attorney in Brookville.

William N. Conrad was educated in the Brookville public schools and graduated in the class of 1892.  After completing his course of study, he entered the law office of his father and was admitted to the Jefferson County Bar on May 11, 1896.  He was subsequently admitted to practice before the Supreme Court and the United States District Courts.  Father and son maintained their joint law office until the death of the John Conrad on November 11, 1899.

William Norman Conrad was extremely active in civic and business affairs in Brookville. Among his civic duties, he was a member of the Borough Council, a member of the Brookville School Board, a Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, a Sunday School teacher at Presbyterian Church, a member of the Hobah Lodge, a member of the library committee for the schools, a founder of the American Hotel, the Bank and Trust Company and the "Brookville Republican" newspaper, and instituted the beginning of the boro water plant, as well as membership in many other organizations.

He died of pneumonia on January 8, 1940, and is buried in the Brookville Cemetery, Brookville, PA.

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