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Charles R. B. Morris

Mr. Morris was born on a farm near Covode, on August 9, 1822, the son of Obed and Mary Bowman Morris.    He came to Jefferson County with his parents, helping to hew out a homestead for the new home of the Morris family.

He began his career as a schoolteacher, to which he devoted fifteen years. 

His wife was Nancy Gibson, daughter of Andrew Gibson of Jefferson County.   She died in 1848, leaving him with two children.   In 1851, he remarried to Nancy Reed, daughter of Barnard Reed of Jefferson County

About 1852, he moved to a farm where the village of Frostburg now stands.  In 1859, he was elected as County Commissioner, and was reelected again the following year.   He became a merchant in 1863, opening a business in Frostburg. 

Charles R. B. Morris died April 15, 1898, and was buried in Olive Cemetery, in Oliveburg.  Nancy died in 1907, and is buried beside him.   

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