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Yolanda Gatti

  Miss Yolanda Gatti was born in Walston, Jefferson County, PA, on November 11, 1906.   She was the daughter of Felix and C. Mary (Pettinata) Gatti.  Her parents were Italian immigrants who settled in the Walston area about 1886, later moving to Punxsutawney.  Mr. Gatti opened Gatti's Pharmacy in Punxsutawney, Yolanda and her sister serving as clerks.  Yolanda was 29 years of age, when she died October 2, 1936, after years of poor health.  Mr. Gatti was a successful businessman and wanted a monument fitting for his daughter for the family mausoleum in Calvary Cemetery.  They ordered the casket stone from the Carrara marble quarries in the Apriane Alps.  The sculpture depicts Yolanda lying on her coffin, using a mourning photograph as his model.

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