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John McCullough

John McCullough was born in Centre County, PA, on November 1, 1822, the son of Joseph and Susanna McCullough.  His parents moved to Jefferson County when John was an infant and established a farm in Pine CreekTownship, near Brookville.  John later became the owner of that farm, spending most of his adult life there.  His farm was known for it's fine cattle and horses. 

In 1840, John married Margaretta Holt, and they had a family of eleven children, among them being Isabella, Albert, Joseph, and Minerva.  John and Margarettta continued to reside in Pine CreekTownship, living on the farm until his age and health made it impossible.  They then purchased a home in Brookville, where Margaretta died January 7, 1905, sixty-five years after their marriage.  John died April 7, 1907, and was buried beside his wife in Butler Cemetery, in Pine CreekTownship, not far from their former home. 

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