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Samuel & Mary Victoria Butler


Mr. Samuel Butler was born in Jefferson County, PA, a son of Nathaniel and Rebecca (Barnett) Butler.  His mother's family, the Barnett's, were one of the original pioneer families, his mother's family having settled in Jefferson County, when only Indians were residing in the area.   The Barnett's settled in what is now Pine Creek Township and their daughter Rebecca was the first child born in the new county of Jefferson.  His father, Nathaniel Butler, came from Albany, NY, at the age of 18 years to work in the booming lumbering industry.   Samuel was a lumberman, just as his father had been. In 1858, he married Mary Victoria Bullock, a daughter of William and Mary (Sykes) Bullock, of Franklindale, New York State.   Samuel and Mary were married in the town of Smethport, PA, on May 6, 1859, and spent the first five years of their married life in McKean County.  About 1864, they moved their family to Jefferson County, rearing a family of children in Samuel's native area.   When the Civil War began, Samuel enlisted and was one of the soldiers who accompanied General Sherman on his march from Atlanta to the sea.  Their known children include: William A. Butler, of Ebensburg; Franklin Butler, of Widnoon; James N., of Kittanning; Martha Burkhouse, of Brookville; Carrie Carnahan, of Rimersburg; and Mary Butler, living at home.  One child, Jennie Charlotte, died at the age of 5 years.  The obituary of Samuel states there were a total of eight children, and the obituary of Mary says thre were seven.

Mrs. Butler died on February 15, 1921, at her home near Corsica, in her eighty-first year, and was buried in the Butler Cemetery on the Butler family's farm in Pine Creek Township. After his wife's death, their daughter, Mary cared for her father. Several years before his death, he fell and fractured his hip, and needed from that time on, needed help to walk.   On the morning of December 17, 1926, he attempted to get up out of a chair unassisted and fell causing his death.  He was buried beside his wife. 
(tombstone photo by Patricia Steele)


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