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Judge Henry & Catherine (Kirkman) Truman

Judge Truman was born February 24, 1836, in Nottingham, England, the son of Sylvester and Mary (Suffolk) Truman.  He was educated in France, then came to America as a young man.  After landing in Philadelphia, he later came to Jefferson County and established a farm in Pine Creek Township.  At the onset of the Civil War, he enlisted in the 67th Pennsylvania Regiment.  Following his discharge from the military, he returned to Jefferson County, and started his mercantile and lumbering businesses. 

He was active in the community, having been an Associate Judge of Jefferson County for eight years, was President of the National Bank in Brookville, and President of Brookville Glass and Tile.

On June 25, 1857, he married Catherine Kirkman, who was one of the six children of Thomas and Mary (Vasbinder) Kirkman.  She was born in Pine Creek Township on August 12, 1841.  They lived in Pine Creek Township until 1866, when they moved to Sigel.  In 1886, they moved to Brookville, and spent the rest of their lives living on Main Street.  In June 18, 1928, they celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary.

They became the parents of nine children, among them being Frank, who lived in Portland, OR, Sylvester, William, Harry, Mary T. Coleman, and Emma T. Darr, all living in Brookville.

Catherine Truman died January 27th, 1929, after having a stroke at her home, She was buried in the new Brookville Cemetery.  Judge Truman, died October 15th, 1930, at his home on Main Street, the result of a stroke the previous day and was buried beside his wife.   


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