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James Moore Heidrick

Heidrick_JamesJames Moore Heidrick was born in at Brady's Bend, Armstrong County, in Pennsylvania, on October 30, 1862.  His parents were Bernard and Lavina (Moore) Heidrick.  His mother died when he was eight years old and his father when he was sixteen years of age.  He then went to live with his brother, William, in New Bethlehem.  He and his brother came to Brookville and worked with their uncle, Levi Heidrick, in the lumbering business in the firm of Heidrick and Matson.  Their sister, Lavina, married a Mr. Prothero, and lived in DuBois in Clearfield County.

On July 26, 1918 James Heidrick married Myrta Cavanore, daughter of Edwin B. and Margaret (Eckman), and they established a home in Brookville for a short time, his wife continuing her employment in the schools of that community.  They later moved to Westboro, WI, to Beaver Valley and eventually settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the remainder of their lives.  In that place, he was on the staff of the Mellor Music House.  He had been a promoter of theatrical entertainment and musical efforts during his time in Brookville.  While a resident of Jefferson County, he had organized an orchestra, in which he played first violin. 

Mr. Heidrick died at his home in Tremont Place, in Pittsburgh, on April 27, 1923.  He was buried in the new Brookville Cemetery.  

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