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The Roxby & Howieson Families

Robert Roxby, a coal miner, born in Middleton, Lanchashire, England on 30 July 1838, arrived in the United States, aboad the ship "Wyoming", on 7 July 1881.  Though the reasons for his immigration are based on verbal history, we know that he originally settled in the Houtzdale area with his sister Sarah and eventually took work as a miner in Horatio.

Robert brought with him, his wife, Jane Ann Cole Roxby, a school teacher, who was born 20 November 1840 in Northumberland, England.  Together, Robert and Jane had ten children.  Of the ones that survived infancy, we can name:  Barbara Ann, Margaret Jane, John, William Henry, Robert, Edward and Dorothy Jane.

Margaret Jane Roxby, born 2 May 1864 in Quarrington Hill, Durham, England, married Alexander Howieson on 24 April 1891.  There was one son born to this union, 

Robert A. Howieson, and he lived twenty-one days before his death on 6 May 1891.   He was the first family member to find rest in the Horatio Cemetery.

Jane Ann Cole Roxby died on 19 April 1892, and was buried "nearby" to her grandson, Robert.  Margaret Roxby Howieson followed in death two years later on 9 December 1894, and was buried beside her son in the family plot which has a stone for the Howieson name.  Her husband, Alexander, was killed in a mining accident on 10 December 1895, and at 35 years of age, was united with his family in Horatio Cemetery.

Robert Roxby lived a full life of seventy-two years, and died on 4 July 1910.  Sadly, though a death certificate was filed and Horatio Cemetery listed as the final internment place, there is no record of the Roxby burial site.  For the patriarch of this family, we only know, per verbal notation, that the Roxbys lie "nearby" to the Howieson stone.  Perhaps we will, one day, know where they rest, but for now, it is comforting to know that Robert Roxby lies in close proximity to the grandson who bore his name a mere twenty-one days. 

Family information by guest biographer,
Colleen Carey,
Photo by Patricia Steele

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