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Enoch Hall

Enoch Hall was born March 31, 1810, near Lock Haven in what is now Lycoming County, PA.  He was the son of Joseph E. Hall. 

About 1827, Joseph decided to move his family to Ohio, and putting his family and belongings in two canoes, and pushing up the Susquehanna River to the mouth of Driftwood Creekand on to Bennett's Branch they arrived at where Benezette is now.  There they went by wagon for twenty-four miles across the mountain to the mouth of Elk Creek, now Ridgway, where Joseph constructed a raft to float them down the Clarion River to it's mouth.  They planned to follow the Allegheny River to the Ohio River to their destination. 

Due to sickness in the family, they had to stop at Freeport, so they decided to stay in Pennsylvania, and settled in Butler County.  A few years later, they moved to Jefferson County, and in 1833 they set up a home in Rose Township.  Enoch worked as a cabinet maker, also doing merchanising, lumbering, and had a planing mill. 

In May 1836, Enoch moved  to Brookville and in Novermber of that year, he  married Martha Ann Clark, daughter of Elijah Clark of Pine Creek Township, the area that is now Knox Township.   Enoch and Martha Ann were the parents of seven children, including Dr. J. E. Hall, Mrs. William Gephart, E. Clark Hall, and C. R. Hall.

Enoch Hall was also an Jefferson County Commisioner, serving for one term in the election of 1845. 

He died May 30, 1894, and was buried in the new Brookville Cemetery.  His wife Martha Ann died May 24, 1902, and was buried beside him. 


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