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Curtis & Mary Vasbinder

Mr. Vasbinder was a great-grandson of Henry Vasbinder, one of the first persons to settle permanently in Jefferson County. 

Curtis Vasbinder was born in Rose Township, a son of Oliver and Jane (Matson) Vasbinder.  At an early age he became involved in the lumbering industry and operated in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  He was also active in politics and was tax collector and assessor for Rose Township, then tax collector for the borough of Brookville.  In 1903, he was a representative from Jefferson County to the state legislature for the 1903 to 1904 term of office.

On November 4, 1880, he married Mary A. Thompson, daughter of Judge John and Jane (McGarey) Thompson.  They had a family of 4 children, Mrs. H. J. Kelso, Malcolm H., Tony Curtis, and Mary Eberline.

Mary A. died May 1, 1925, and her husband Curtis, died October 28, 1933.  They were both buried in Brookville Cemetery, in Brookville, PA.  

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