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Mary Kelso

Mary Kelso was born in Knox Township, Jefferson County in 1851, and was the daughter of Hugh and Mary Jane (Dickey) Andrews.  She was married to William Kelso of Baxter in 1871.  She and her husband established a home in Clover Township, and lived there with their children.  They were the parents of five daughters: Mary Adelaide, Elizabeth Blanche, Myrtle May, Annabel and Jennie.  Myrtle May married Rufus G. Reitz and remained in Brookville; Annabel, married P. B. H. Smith and moved to Suthers, OH; and Jennie, married J. A. Gealey, and moved to Stockton, OH.  About 1891, William and Mary left the farm and moved to Brookville.  William died in 1903, and was buried in the Old Jefferson Cemetery.  Later his remains were reinterred in the new Brookville Cemetery.  Mary continued to live in Brookville until her death on May 19, 1930, and was buried beside William in the Brookville Cemetery.  Their daughter Myrtle May and her husband are buried in the same plot.  

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